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Employment Workshops

Are you unsure about what to say at an interview? Do you want to know what your CV really says about you?

We are really proud to have run two Employment Workshops in 2012 in London and Birmingham in partnership with the Hilton Hotels. These were well attended with over 50 young people with hemiplegia coming along.

We ran four workshops on interview skills (Matt Stafford), writing a CV (with Karen – HemiHelp's Transition adviser at that time), starting and keeping a job (Darren Cryer – HemiHelp member who works as a civil servant) and confidence and communication skills (Kathryn Skillings – Board member of HemiHelp). It also was a great way to meet other people who have hemiplegia as well.

This is what some of the people who came along said:

This workshop was also very useful for me as I will be being interviewed by the colleges soon.

Very helpful and engaging. Relevant to hemiplegia

I found this session really useful. As well as learning how to be prepared, managing time, adopting and getting used to a different routine with your new job, I also came to realise how important it was to actually talk about your disability with your employer and how it affects you and the signs to look for. As before I never really thought about it or even took much consideration. This gave me a HUGE wake up call.

I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop as it helped MY CONFIDENCE with talking to others. I also learned how NON VERBAL communication is valued as much as VERBAL - COMMUNICATION. Before I never really knew how much notice people took of you and your body language whilst listening to you. I must take more notice of how I present myself and use my body when talking to others.

Beth can also help you with your CV or College / University / job application – just get in touch with her.

Forthcoming workshops

28th January 2017, Transitions Event, London

Past workshops

Find out more about the employment workshops in 2012

Birmingham 2012

London 2012

Useful resources

If you missed these workshops you can access some templates and other documents to help you on your job search

CV template (Word) Use this template to help you get started with your CV

Weekly job search record (Word) to keep your job search organised

What kind of person am I (Word) To help you reflect on what you do well, your skills and preferences.

Things that help me achieve (Word) Find out what adjustments you have the right to ask for to make your working life easier

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