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Young adults

This section of the website is for all young people with hemiplegia. See below for details of the services relevant to you.

  • Further or Higher Education support
    If you are not sure about what to do after school and would like to find out more about the different options available our Transition Adviser can help you with this.
  • Events
    Great opportunities to get the information and skills you need to find a job, while meeting other young people with hemiplegia.
  • Work experience / work placements
    Opportunities to undertake work placements to try out different types of jobs, learn new skills and enhance your CV.
  • Mentoring service
    One-to-one support to any young person with hemiplegia who needs extra help with the transition into living an independent life as an adult. From support with finding a job or making new friends to any other issue you may be struggling with.
  • Independent living
    Whether you are a young person or a parent of a young person with hemiplegia there are different ways we can support you with living independently.
  • My HemiCheck: Our online 'checklist' tool'. Fill it out and print out a personalised summary of how hemiplegia affects you. Give to bosses, teachers, support providers, or others you interact with regularly  ̶  at an introductory meeting, or as a reminder.
  • Useful information and resources
    Information, contacts and resources on a range of topics including driving, benefits and sports.


What is it like to have hemiplegia?

Hear it from this group of young people: 


Want to hear other people's experiences of living with hemiplegia? Go to and don't forget to share your story too!

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