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White T-shirt with HemiHelp logoHemiHelp T-shirts come in adult and children's sizes.

They have the HemiHelp logo on the chest. The back reads: “Hemiplegia is caused by damage to the brain and the effects are similar to a stoke” “HemiHelp aims to help every child with hemiplegia to reach their full potential”

Women's T-shirts

Price: £12.00 Sizes: XS (size 8), S (10), M (12), L (14)

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Unisex T-shirts

Price: £12.00 Sizes: S (chest 24/26), M (38/40),L (42/44), XL (46/48) 

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Children's T-shirts

Price: £8.00 Sizes: Small (2-3 years), Medium (5-6 years, Large (9-11 years)

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