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Secondary Education Pack

HemiHelp brings out new guidelines for education professionals to support students with hemiplegia in secondary education.

Secondary Education Pack: The Student with Hemiplegia in Secondary EducationGuidelines for Teachers

£20 (+3.95 P&P)

With input from HemiHelp members and education experts, the pack includes:

  • information on a range of potential challenges including physical, learning, behavioural, emotional and social difficulties
  • strategies and tips for teaching across difficulties and subject areas
  • interactive tools to help you plan and implement strategies

To find out more about what the pack includes, take a look at the contents page

PDF version:

Download the Secondary Education Pack (pdf format)      

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It costs £8.00 to ship outside of the UK in Europe and £15.00 to ship to countries outside of Europe. For international purchases please contact the office before making your order 0345 120 3713 or email

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