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Dycem Non-Slip mat

Dycem non-slip matPrice: £14.00 Size: 25cm x 18cm Dycem is a unique non-slip material that solves many of the stabilisation and gripping problems encountered by those with limited dexterity, restricted mobility and reduced wrist or upper limb strength. Dycem Non-Slip grips on both sides to prevent movement and is ideal for providing support, stability and confidence during everyday activities and exercise. This is an ideal size to be used as a placemat to stop plates and glasses slipping away, or to prevent household objects or craft objects from slipping whilst in use, even with a slanted table. Dycem is the leading brand non-slip material. Dycem non slip products are versatile in the kitchen, lounge, dining room, and virtually anywhere else you can imagine! Dycem Mats are great for keeping items secure and it prevents items from tipping over.

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