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School/Arts & Crafts

Our school items and arts & crafts materials are ideal for children with hemiplegia, providing support and non-slip grip.

Colouring pens and pencils

Hand Huggers


Pens and pencils with triangular barrels to encourage correct grip. Find out more and buy Hand Huggers pens and pencils

Left-handed scissors



Fully left-handed scissors with blades reversed and left hand moulded grips. Find out more and buy left-handed scissors

Primary Schools Pack

Primary Schools Pack


HemiHelp has brought out a new updated and much expanded pack for Early Years and Primary educators.Find out more, and buy the pack

Non slip mat

Non slip mat


Dycem Non-Slip grips on both sides to prevent movement and is ideal for providing support, stability and confidence. Find out more and buy a non slip mat



YoropenExperience this unique finger support system, for comfort and better control while writing. Find out more and buy the Yoropen

Jumbo grip pencils

jumbo grip pencils


Encourage a firm grip with these ergonomic school pencils. Find out more and buy Jumbo grip pencils 

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