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Tough Mudder

Jo Cunningham is a Paediatric Physiotherapist and in June 2013 she completed an event called "Tough Mudder" raising money for HemiHelp.

tough mudder

Jo was inspired to do this challenge by HemiHelp member, Riley Ludlam. Jo was Riley’s physiotherapist and first met him when he was eight months old.

So why did Jo decide to get involved with this crazy ordeal of running 12 miles with 21 gruelling obstacles? At the end of 2012 she entered another event called ‘Hell Runner’ and says 'it was hell'! As she was running 10 miles through bogs and deep, cold water, through muddy field and up steep hills she was thinking how hard she was finding it, and how hard some of the children she treats struggle like that in everyday life. Jo decided then and there that her next challenge would be dedicated to Riley who tackles all challenges with enthusiasm and enjoys life to the max, no matter what obstacles he faces.

The Tough Mudder is as tough as it sounds! Jo’s ordeal involved electric shocks, a giant ice bath to swim through, huge walls to scale, trenches, monkey bars, tunnels, crawling under army tanks, rock climbing walls, a lot of mud and much, much more. The challenge involved stamina, strength, mental grit and a lot of team work.

Before Jo started the race Riley said to his mum, "That race looks really awful mum, but I know JoJo can do it!” Riley was right, Jo did do it and raised more than £500 for HemiHelp in the process!

tough mudder   tough mudder

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