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Raise funds at school

Whether it’s one class, a year group or the whole school that gets involved, there’s something for everyone.

  • Organise a penalty shoot out. Put a teacher in goal and charge a small fee per penalty.
  • Hold a sponsored 2k race for the whole school to take part in.
  • Have a sponsored relay marathon: involve the whole school!
  • Arrange some novelty races; the sack race or the egg and spoon race, a tug of war for all the parents…Charge a nominal fee and donate the proceeds to HemiHelp


The possibilities are endless, and whether your school raises £30 or £300, you'll be providing much needed help and support to young people affected by hemiplegia.

Call 0345 120 3713 for a fundraising pack or email 

Do you need inspiration?

Year 4 at Crofton Junior School, Orpington fundraised for HemiHelp during their Charity Week in May 2013.

This was after being nominated by Jacob Gedsyk, Jacob’s brother Callum has hemiplegia and is a member of HemiHelp. The children planned, set up and ran their own stalls e.g. lucky dip, cake sale, nail painting, beat the goalie etc. They provided all of the equipment/prizes needed themselves including a float! The children from years 3, 5 and 6 then came out at play time to play games and buy items from the stalls.

As a year group they raised a massive £770.08 for HemiHelp. HemiHelp member and volunteer, Rachel Haine was only too happy to go and meet the children and say a big THANK YOU on behalf of us all at HemiHelp.

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