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Raise funds in the office

Here are some ideas:

cake sale 

  • A dress down day at school or work is a really simple way to raise money; you could even go all out and have a fancy dress theme.
  • Do you find you spend a lot of your day speaking jargon? ‘Putting all your ducks in a row’ ‘thinking outside the box’ and ‘touching base’ – turn these cringe worthy clichés into fundraising opportunities by asking colleagues to donate £2 to HemiHelp each time they resort to office jargon! It could improve communication as well as raising funds for HemiHelp. Win-win! Order your collection box now!
  • Or get everybody baking and hold a Cake Sale! Spread the word by sending out emails and putting up posters; no one can resist cake, especially around the 3pm slump...

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