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Collection boxes

One of the best ways of raising money for HemiHelp is to keep a collection box. Not only will those spare pennies go to a good cause, the box will also be a great talking point to raise awareness of hemiplegia.

What you need to do

Ask the manager of your local hairdresser’s, shop, pub, gym or garden centre for permission to display a collection box. Or you could have a collection box at home or leave with family and friends so that they can put any spare change in.

HemiHelp will provide you with everything you need to get started, and once established the collection boxes will take up very little of your time to manage. All we ask is that you monitor the boxes and make sure they are emptied regularly. Boxes should be emptied at least twice a year and, if you find a really successful spot, may need to be emptied more often.

How to get started

Please fill in the form below, and we'll send you the boxes you need! Alternatively, you can call the office on 0845 120 3713 or write to HemiHelp, 6 Market Road, London N7 9PW to request your collection boxes.

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Please select the number of boxes you would like us to send you.
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