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Make us your Charity of the Year!

A great way to help us is to choose HemiHelp as your school or employer's Charity of the Year. This can be a particularly effective way of raising money.

What does choosing HemiHelp as Charity of the Year involve?

Choosing a Charity of the Year helps to focus the fundraising efforts of a school or workplace. Schools and employers choosing a Charity of the Year tend to fundraise only for that charity throughout the year. Some schools or companies may choose more than one Charity of the Year in a given year, perhaps supporting an international, a national, and a local charity. Many then concentrate their main fundraising push into one week, putting on a large number of different events, or you could spread your fundraising events over the whole year, perhaps with seasonal themes!

Find out more

Please call Nikki on: 0845 120 3713 or e-mail for more information.

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