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Remember us in your Will

HemiHelp believes that every child with hemiplegia deserves the chance to fulfil their potential. If you do too, then leaving a charity legacy to HemiHelp in your Will is the best way to ensure that more children with hemiplegia have a brighter future.

Why remember HemiHelp in my Will?

A gift in your Will, of any size is vital to HemiHelp. It could help us to secure a long-term, sound financial base and provide a foundation on which we can expand and enhance our work, offering information and support to families living with hemiplegia.

By remembering HemiHelp in your Will, you can ensure that your name will continue to be linked to providing a better future for children with hemiplegia. Alternatively, your gift can be made anonymously.

Is it difficult to make a Will?

It is not difficult or expensive to make a Will. A Will, properly drawn up by a solicitor, should cost between £45 and £95, depending on whether the Will is for you alone or includes a spouse or partner, and on the complexity of the Will.

To help you plan your Will, HemiHelp has drawn up a Legacy Giving pack, which includes a planning sheet called '10 Easy Steps in Planning a Will'.

Can I change my existing Will?

It is important that you keep your Will up-to-date to take account of changing circumstances. If you would like to change your Will to include HemiHelp, you can do this by making a Codicil to add to your existing Will. There is no limit on the number of Codicils which can be made to one Will. There is a Codicil Form enclosed in our Legacy Giving pack.

Are there any tax benefits?

HemiHelp is a registered charity, which means there is no tax to pay on money or property bequeathed through a legacy. Therefore, a legacy to HemiHelp may have benefits for your estate by reducing the amount liable for Inheritance Tax.

How do I find out more about leaving a gift in my Will?

We have produced a Legacy Giving pack, which explains every part of making a Will and includes leaflets by The Law Society. To receive your free pack, please contact the HemiHelp office.

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