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I love Small Charities Day Twitter Competition

I ♥ Small Charities Day Twitter Competition – Help HemiHelp win a £200 prize!


A Twitter competition for supporters to say why they love their small charity (HemiHelp!) during 17th-22nd June.

The charity with the most messages of support by the end of the week wins the cash prize. Example “I love @HemiHelp because they work tirelessly to support children & young adults with hemiplegia @SCWeek2013”.

The rules are:

  • Messages must contain the @name for your small charity and @SCWeek2013 to enable us to count all the messages that have come in
  • One message to be submitted per supporter – anyone found making multiple accounts will be ineligible
  • Messages must be kept within 140 characters
  • The message must include a reason why they love your small charity
  • Only messages submitted from the 17th -22nd June will be counted

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