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Why I refer parents to HemiHelp

Dr Peter Corry, Consultant Paediatrician, St Luke's Hospital, Bradford, tells us why he directs families coping with hemiplegia to HemiHelp.

"Every year, staff in district child development teams can expect to meet some new children with hemiplegia. We will confirm the diagnosis, try to understand the cause and arrange appropriate therapy. We may discuss any support needed through our colleagues in education or social services.

"One of the most important roles is to provide information for the families, and to try to answer their questions. As the child grows, they will also want to know as much as possible.

"However, we never have as much time as we would like. That is where HemiHelp is so useful. The helpline, newsletter, meetings and books can help to answer many of the questions. People who are already living with hemiplegia also provide an extra insight, which complements the professional advice of staff. That is why we try to point parents in the direction of HemiHelp.

"We also keep the latest newsletter and some of the publications in our library for parents."

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