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Annual Professionals Conference

Our Annual Professionals Conference promotes developments in the management of hemiplegia and is a great way to share knowledge and best practice on new ways of working with the condition, to hear about latest research and treatments and to network with other professionals. 

Annual Professionals Conference

Please note the 2017 conference has been cancelled. Please keep an eye on the website for updates on future conferences.  

Past conferences

Read notes from the conferences for professionals that HemiHelp has held in the past:

  • Leeds 2015 Developments in the Management of Hemiplegia
  • London 2014 Behaviour, movement, transition, CIMT and bi-manual therapy.
  • Edinburgh 2013 Cerebral visual impairments; Bobath Therapy; Play-based therapy study.
  • Birmingham 2012 Constraint induced movement therapy; Botulinum Toxin; Childhood stroke; Eye problems.
  • Bristol 2011 Childhood stroke; arm and hand surgery; quality of life; orthotics.
  • Cambridge 2008 Download presentations and read a write-up
  • Dublin 2007 Read about the speakers and download presentation notes.
  • Glasgow 2006 Lycra therapy; botulinum toxin; Can hemiplegia have a genetic cause?
  • Newcastle 2005 Neuro-imaging, neurophysiology; therapy; surgery
  • Southampton 2005 Managing hemiplegia; behaviour and emotion; visual perception
  • London 2004 Neurological basis of hemiplegia; constraint induced therapy; inclusion; sport
  • Glamorgan 2004 Epilepsy; behaviour; psychology.

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