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FAQ about HemiHelp and Contact's new partnership

When will the partnership between HemiHelp and Contact start?

The partnership commences from 1 April 2018.

Does this mean HemiHelp will stop providing the services it does to families living with hemiplegia?

No. Contact and HemiHelp will work together to ensure that our families continue to have access to HemiHelp’s:

  • Facebook support group and make sure it keeps growing whilst remaining a safe and supportive place.
  • Specialised publications and factsheets
  • Education packs and Hemiplegia Handbook, available on our website
  • Free online tool My Hemicheck
  • A monthly online newsletter for members

In addition our families will also be able to benefit from services already provided by Contact including:

  • A free helpline service (0808 808 3555) which will provide support to people living with hemiplegia
  • Nationwide events and workshops for families


Will HemiHelp stop providing any of its current services?

·       Hemihelp has not been running our helpline and home and school visits for families living with hemiplegia since July 2017. We will be able to access Contact’s free helpline service (0808 808 3555) which will provide support to people living with hemiplegia and their nationwide events and workshops for families.

How will this partnership benefit members of HemiHelp and families living with hemiplegia?

The partnership with Contact means that families living with hemiplegia will be able to access the information, help and advice already provided by HemiHelp but in addition will also be able to benefit from services offered by Contact. By working with Contact we will be able to offer a more holistic, efficient, effective and well-funded service to our families.


Is this a takeover?

Technically yes, however in reality we are working in partnership and it is on that basis that this transition is being undertaken. HemiHelp approached Contact because we have shared values, principles, ways of working and we knew that this partnership would ensure that we could continue to provide the best quality service for our families.

HemiHelp will be working in partnership with Contact in order to continue to provide the services it currently provides families living with hemiplegia. Contact wishes to preserve HemiHelp’s identity during the transitional phase of around 1 year, and will seek funds for the specific needs of families affected by hemiplegia.

Can I still fundraise for HemiHelp?

You can fundraise for Contact and request that the money you raise is spent on services which directly help people with hemiplegia.

Can I still contact HemiHelp?

Yes. Please email  Please look out for updates as these emails will change

Why aren’t you remaining independent charity?

As an independent charity we needed to raise money to cover the ‘overheads’ of running our office (rent, heating, lighting, rates etc) and paying our staff, as well as providing our services to the people who need them. In the current financial and economic climate, it is getting increasingly hard to raise these funds. Working with Contact we can use more of the money raised to directly support people living with hemiplegia.

Why did you choose Contact?

Since the 1970s, Contact has been ‘the charity for families with disabled children’. Their mission is to be there for all families with disabled children - supporting families, bringing families together and helping families take action for others. HemiHelp Trustees felt they were the perfect organisation to carry on our work. HemiHelp and Contact have a long history of working together and Contact originally helped HemiHelp set up as a charity, and regularly direct families to us.

Will the membership scheme still exist and what will we receive?

Contact will review the membership scheme during the transfer and send an update to all members. The services that members receive will initially continue we will be in discussion with members about any changes.

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