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HemiHelp's future

Life is full of changes for all of us, and HemiHelp too is going through a period of transition. As we outlined in February, we’ve been experiencing financial difficulties as have many others in the charity sector. As a result, the Board of Trustees have decided to reduce staff numbers to address financial concerns and take an opportunity to review and strengthen what lies at the core of our services.


We will continue to manage our Facebook group and ensure that it keeps growing, while it remains the safe and supportive space that it is today. The group is a lifeline for people with hemiplegia and their families where you can share information and advice. As well as providing a welcoming space to talk through worries and concerns, the group is a great place for practical tips, sharing experiences and friendship.

We will also make sure that you continue to have access to reliable information and guidance on our website so that you can make informed decisions and feel confident that you are getting the support that you or your child need. We know that it isn’t always easy to find the information you are looking for; and decisions about treatments, life changes and extra support don’t stop at childhood but carry on as you or your child grow up.


We will be operating a reduced service from 31st July, run by part time staff and volunteers. This will allow the Board of Trustees to develop a new strategy to provide the services that you need in the best possible way. We will send you regular updates so that you know what’s happening at all times. For more information please read our FAQ.  


Great things do happen when you have an opportunity to renew yourself. We need to change the way we deliver our services and will do so from a place of experience and enthusiasm, taking advantage of digital opportunities that are available to us.

We look forward to working with you to revitalise HemiHelp and focus on the key areas that matter the most. Please do contact us if you would like to help in any way:  

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