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Primary Schools Pack

HemiHelp has brought out a new updated and much expanded pack for Early Years and Primary educators:

Guidelines for Teachers: The Child with Hemiplegia in Primary EducationGuidelines for Teachers

Price: £20.00

Edited by Liz Barnes, a HemiHelp Trustee who has a son with the condition, the pack includes specialist articles on such topics as:

  • Adapting a PE lesson
  • Tweaking computers for improved access
  • Handwriting
  • Social and behavioural difficulties

It also includes case studies, an extensive list of resources and equipment and an ‘About Me’ form for parents to tell the school all about their child's individual needs and challenges.

Its central message is that inclusion isn’t just about the externals, it’s about understanding and valuing the individual child, and the partnership between parents/carers and educators that gives that child the best possible access to education.

To read a summary of Special Educational Needs and Disability recent reforms please click here

To find out more about what the pack includes, take a look at the contents page

PDF version:

Download You have just been told your child has hemiplegia (pdf format)


It costs £8.00 to ship outside of the UK in Europe and £15.00 to ship to countries outside of Europe. For international purchases please contact the office before making your order 0345 120 3713 or email

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