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Adult helpline service

What is the adult helpline?

As well as offering a helpline service to parents of children with hemiplegia, our adult helpliner provides support to those young people and adults affected by the condition. It is run by an adult with hemiplegia who may have experienced some of the challenges you are facing. She has also been trained by the Telephone Helplines Association in how to manage calls of all types.

How do I get in touch? 

The HemiHelp Helpline can be reached on 0845 123 2372. The adults' service is available every Thursday during term time from 10:00 to 13:00. If you call outside these times, you can leave a message and our helpliner will call you back. Or if you prefer to contact us by email, you can contact us at

A word from our adult helpliner

"I have never known life without hemiplegia - it's just part of who I am. That doesn't mean at times it's not difficult to deal with.

There were childhood challenges, and adult ones too. A while after becoming involved with HemiHelp I came to realise that I could make a difference to others of all ages with hemiplegia. 
I have had practical and emotional struggles at times in my life, but also many successes, proud moments and happy bits.
I became a helpliner because in sharing my life experiences, I can reassure and give hope. Sometimes it's a bit like sending a hug down the phone. I have done my job when a call starts with tears but ends with a smile, or maybe even a giggle.
Happiness and hemiplegia can go hand in hand (oops! No pun intended). I am living proof." 


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