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Joining a Regional Reach Group

By joining a regional group, you can learn from other members’ experiences and children can meet up and play with other children who have hemiplegia and their siblings. Information can be shared and ideas exchanged in a relaxed atmosphere.

How do I join a regional group?

You need to be a HemiHelp member to join a Regional Reach group. If you're not a member, why not join HemiHelp? Then, simply fill in our short local group form here or download a form (Microsoft Word format), fill it in and return it to the HemiHelp office

What happens in regional groups?

Regional groups are often initially held in peoples’ homes, but as the group grows it may be possible for you to arrange for it to be held in a village hall, library or community centre. Parents can take it in turns to host the meetings. Meetings are a source of fun for kids and enjoyment for parents. A problem shared is a problem halved! It’s also a great opportunity for children and parents alike to make new friends and meet other people who have personal experience of living with hemiplegia. Many groups meet up more informally for coffee, picnics in the park, family activities and trips to local attractions as well. Have a look at what our West Midlands Group is doing here.

How is HemiHelp involved?

At this stage, we can help put you in touch with other parents and we can help with ideas for attracting more members. We will also ensure that you have access to the latest leaflets and information from HemiHelp head office and will ask for your suggestions on holding conferences and events. We publicise information about Regional Groups in the magazine, on this website and on our messageboard. As a small charity we are limited in our ability to coordinate the groups, so we rely on finding a member who will agree to be a co-ordinator or "rep" for their area and help bring people together. Could that be you?? We are very keen to hear from parents who are willing to get more involved with planning and organising group meetings and trips in their area. If you are interested in being a Regional Group Rep, please contact us for an initial chat. 

Your data protection

The Data Protection Act states that we can’t put you in touch with other parents unless you have expressly given us permission to do so in writing. You must also be a member of HemiHelp and have completed a Local Group Form.

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