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Aids and equipment Scotland

NB You may not have to pay VAT when:

  • buying certain items that are intended exclusively and specifically for the use of a disabled person, such as a wheelchair or adapted computer keyboard
  • having a vehicle adapted to suit their condition, or leasing a Motability vehicle
  • having building work done to adapt your home because of your child’s disability

For more information go to the Revenue & Customs website:

Anything Left Handed Ltd* - Tel: 01737 888269 Email: Website: (includes online shop) Specialist mail order company and online shop which provides properly designed, fully left handed versions of everyday items such as scissors, pens, cameras and kitchen utensils. They have a large product range for children.

Children Today Charitable Trust - Tel: 01244 335622 Email: Website: Local grants for equipment and aids to help disabled children and young people to overcome their difficulties.

Disabled Living Foundation (DLF) - Tel: 020 7289 6111 Helpline: 0845 130 9177 (10am-4pm Mon-Fri) Email: Website: Huge amount of information about useful gadgets, plus an equipment centre. See also for advice and information specifically for disabled children.

The Family Fund - Website: A (mainly) government financed charity that can make grants to low income families with disabled children (aged under 18) to help with the cost of such things as washing machines, computers, driving lessons for parents/carers, hospital visiting costs and holidays. See also where families can get discounts on products and services from high street retailers and organisations.

Fledglings - Tel: 0845 458 1124 Email: Website: A charitable search and supply service, particularly for unusual items designed for children with additional needs.

Inclusive Technology Ltd* - Tel: 01457 819790 Email: Website: Provides a range of software and hardware for learners with additional needs – including physical disabilities, learning difficulties and sensory impairments. Sells Five Finger Typist, a typing programme for learning to type one handed.

Patterson Medical* - Tel: 08444 124330 Website: One of the world’s leading distributors of daily living, therapy and paediatric products including homecraft products. Remap - Website: Teams of engineers who make up one-off pieces of technical equipment or modify commercial equipment free of charge, including for leisure activities.

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