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General information and advice

This section contains details of linked or general disability organisations which may have information or services which are relevant and useful to you.

Action for Kids - Helpline: 0208 347 8111 Email: Website: Helps transform the lives of young people with physical and learning disabilities, across the country, through the provision of mobility equipment, learning, training and support.

Action for Sick Children - Tel: 01663 763 004 Helpline: 0800 0744 519 Email: Website: Nationwide network of parents and professionals, dedicated to achieving the highest quality care for children both in hospital and in the community. Promotes awareness, gives advice and support to families and campaigns for quality health services for children.

British Red Cross - Tel: 0844 412 2804 Email: Website: Numerous local branches - consult your local phone book or the website for your Area Office. Can provide escorts, transport or volunteer drivers for hospital visits, holidays or visits to friends and family. Also offer respite care.

Carers UK - Tel: 020 7378 4999 Helpline: 0808 808 7777 Email: Website: Information and support for carers. Many local branches. Free leaflets and information sheets. Carers Scotland - Website: Carers Wales - Website: Carers Northern Ireland - Website:

The Cedar Foundation – Tel (028) 9066 6188 E-mail Website: Supports people with disabilities in Northern Ireland, with a range of programmes for young people.

Citizens Advice Bureau - Website: Provides an online guide to rights, benefits etc. The home page directs you to pages for regions of the UK.

Contact - Tel: 020 7608 8700 Helpline: 0808 808 3555 Email: Website: For families of disabled children, whatever the disability. Website with UK wide links. Produces a directory of rare conditions (also on the website). Puts families in touch with each other or local groups. Has a useful resource library of publications, documents and other resources.

DIAL UK - Tel: 01302 310 123 Email: Website: A network of local disability information and advice lines run by and for disabled people, based throughout England and Wales. They provide information and advice on all aspects of living with a disability.

Disability Rights UK - Tel: 020 7250 3222 Email: Website: A national pan-disability organisation led by disabled people, which campaigns for better lifestyles for them and their families. They also sell a range of information booklets on issues including holidays and leisure, access to services and benefits. Has a guide to the National Key Scheme, which allows disabled people to use over 8000 locked toilets across the UK.

Face 2 Face - Tel: 0844 800 9189 Email: Website: The one-to-one befriending service for parents of disabled children. (HemiHelp also has a regional group scheme to connect you with other members in your region - contact the office for details)

Gingerbread - Helpline: 0808 802 0925 Tel: 020 7428 5400 Email: Website: Approximately 160 self-help groups providing support, friendship, holidays and advice for single parents. Many publications. Their partner organisation in Scotland, One Parent Families Scotland runs the Lone Parent Helpline on 0808 801 0323 and there is a site for Gingerbread NI. Has a separate section on its website with information for parents bringing up a child with additional needs – this section has a helpline: 0800 018 5026

Government website: gives lots of information on various issues related to disability.

Hemi Hearts -  Tel: 07977 296649 A voluntary community group in Derbishire founded an operated by parents affected by hemiplegia. They provide monthly therapeutic play groups and parent meet ups.

KIDS - Tel: 020 7520 0405 Email: Website: Provides services to children with additional needs and their families through regional centres across UK.

Kidscape - Tel: 020 7730 3300 Helpline: 08451 205 204 Email: Website: Campaigns for children’s personal safety. It deals with issues such as bullying, abuse, getting lost, etc. Produces free leaflets available to download from the website.

Multiple Births Foundation - Tel: 020 8383 3519 Email: Website: Support for families who have one or both twins (or other multiples) with additional needs.

National Children’s Bureau - Tel: 020 7843 6000 Email: Website: National charity supporting all children, young people and families and those who work with them. Aims to advance well-being of children and young people across every aspect of their lives. Spans the whole spectrum of statutory and voluntary agencies.

Samaritans - Tel: 08457 909090 Email: Website: Nationwide non-religious, non-political 24hr confidential support.

SCOPE - Tel: 0808 800 3333 Email: Website: Scope is a pan-disability organisation in England and Wales. They provide advice and information, particularly at the time of diagnosis, services for disabled children and adults (focussed on those with the most complex needs) and campaigns to raise awareness, change attitudes and influence government policy.

SIBS - Tel: 01535 645453 Email: Website: Sibs is the UK charity representing the needs of siblings of disabled people. They provide information and support.

SNAP!* - Tel: 020 7729 2200 Email: Website: Agency specialising in the provision of staff for any work with children with additional needs e.g. nannies and learning support assistants. Also SNAP 16+ which works with teenagers and young adults.

Special Needs Jungle - News, information and opinion about SEN and disability by parents for parents.

TAMBA (The Twins and Multiple Births Association) - Tel: 01483 304 442 Helpline: 0800 138 05 09 Email: Website: Information and support, research and campaigns for parents or twins, triplets and other multiples. - Website: Internet-based disability info and news service. Vast range of information, including messages, posted to the site by its users.

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