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Parent's perspective

Here's what one parent thought of our Music Workshops...

Arriving a little late at the workshop, we weren’t sure if we had come to the right room - there was a lot of waving of hands and slapping of thighs going on, and we thought we might have chanced upon a Maori War Dance enthusiasts meeting!

Reassured by a few HemiHelp T-shirts, we joined in the vocal and physical warm-up. It was actually a very good way of integrating reserved parents and shy siblings. This workshop was clearly designed to include everyone, and all expectations of a museum like tour of 'appropriate' instruments for children with hemiplegia melted away.

We were given a very accessible introduction to all the main types of instruments by the extremely talented workshop team, and then all participated in putting a performance together that included percussion, voice and wind instruments.

Our daughter quickly became comfortable with a one handed recorder, and played this in the end of workshop piece. Watching her brother progress in the piano has at times been a bit disheartening for her, so it was wonderful to find an instrument she will be able to play.

We would like to thank all the workshop team for being so enthusiastic and effective, and recommend the workshop very strongly.

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