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What are Fun Days?

HemiHelp Try It Days provide an opportunity for children to take part in new and familiar activities in a safe and comfortable environment, to meet other children with hemiplegia and most importantly to have some fun! See a video filmed at Chilham Fun Day 2007!

Why go to a HemiHelp Try It Day?

Two friends at a Fun Day Try It Days are a chance for children with hemiplegia to take part in activities in a comfortable environment with their parents and siblings nearby. For many children it is a first chance to meet others with the condition. Most importantly it is a chance to have some fun!

The individual workshops are all led by experienced activity leaders, who provide an energetic and fun-packed day for all. As well as giving the children the chance to explore new interests, the activities on offer help children to develop other physical and mental skills.

Girl on a slideThese include:

  • improved hand-eye co-ordination
  • social development
  • reduced feelings of isolation – meeting other children with hemiplegia
  • improved confidence and self-esteem
  • the opportunity to express themselves in new ways
  • learning new skills and feeling of accomplishment
  • A great day out!

Try It Days are not just about the children – they also provide an opportunity for parents to meet up with other families going through similar experiences and to share stories and experience.

What happens at a Try It Day?

Two boysTry It Days usually last a full day, from about 10-4pm, with a break for lunch in the middle of the day (bring a packed lunch and a picnic rug!). When you arrive you will be met by HemiHelp staff who will give you a pack for the day containing timetables for each of your children, and more information about the day such as a map of the site, list of activities and a feedback form. The day concludes with a whole group activity which everyone can join in before it’s time to go home.

How do I apply for a place?

Boy playing footballKeep an eye out in the newsletter for details of upcoming events (if you do not receive the quarterly HemiHelp newsletter then click here to find out how you can get it!). You will find a booking form in your newsletter which you need to fill in and return to the office. Alternatively you can email the details on the form to Once we have received your form we will send you a letter confirming your place or to say that you have been put on the waiting list. Places at Fun Days get booked up very quickly so try to send your booking form back straight away so you don’t miss out! Along with your confirmation letter you will receive a booking form which gives your child the chance to choose which activities they want to do on the day. They will be allocated 4 of the activities they choose, which they will find out about when they arrive on the day.

When will there be a Try It Day in my area?

A family arriving at a Fun Day At HemiHelp we are trying our best to reach all our members in every corner of the UK. We have expanded our programme of events over the last few years and have had Fun Days in Birmingham, Bath, Northampton, Yorkshire, Kent, Berkshire, Edinburgh and Surrey. We are currently planning Fun Days in London and Belfast. If you think you could help organise a Fun Day or raise money towards one then call Samantha in the office.


Children in a ball pool Here’s what some of our members have to say about our Fun Days…

Thank you everyone who arranged and helped at the Try It Day. It was brilliant and we as a family had a fantastic time. It was the first fun day we had been on and it helped Jamie realise he isn't alone

"The HemiHelp Try It Days are the only day in the year when my daughter doesn't have to worry about wearing her splint and people seeing it."

"Thank you so much for organising the fun day. Daniel really enjoyed it, and was so much more confident with others who have a similar disability. It was a really important day for him. It was also important that Daniel's older brother saw that he is not the only person with a disabled brother!"

"Thank you for providing a fantastic day out. Having a chance to meet other parents, and staff from HemiHelp was invaluable. Thank you again to ALL involved J"

"The cricket and fishing coaches were both very patient and did not shout. My son really benefited from a bit of one-to-one. As ever the opportunity to enjoy activities in the company of other hemi kids and sympathetic adults was the main point of the day. My son spends virtually all his time in the “mainstream” world where everything is just that bit harder for him than for his peers."

"Great to be around other families like ours!"

Child on a horse

Find out more

If you want to know more about Fun Days then call Samantha on 0345 120 3713 or email her: Or you can find out what Try it Days are coming up in the next few months >> Don't forget to check out our video from Chilham Fun Day 2007 >>

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