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Creative Movement Workshops

Forthcoming workshops

  • Creative movement, 5+ years, January 2011, London 

This day is being organised with a specific aim in mind…. HemiHelp’s Children Helping Children concert! We are holding a creative movement workshop in order to devise a short piece with a group of children and young people to perform at our fundraising concert at Cadogan Hall on Saturday February 19th. If you are interested in being a part of this exciting event please register your interest by clicking here.

To see how creative movement workshop can benefit your child see what families had to say about our first creative workshop below.

Previous workshops

  • Creative movement, 5+ years, Sunday 31st January 2010, London 

The workshop is being held with a specific project in mind - HemiHelp's fantastic Children Helping Children fundraising concert. Every year a group of HemiHelp children have performed at the concert. The past two years have been percussion based, with 'The Haunted House' and 'The Hunters Return'. Following the success of the creative dance and movement workshops in January 2009 we are planning to use the forthcoming workshop to create a short dance-theatre piece to perform at the concert on February 27th 2010. 

The piece will be developed from ideas, themes and improvisations that arise in the workshop and each participant will be encouraged to contribute to the content and shape of the performance.  No previous experience of dance or performance is necessary and children and young people of all ages are welcome to be part of this project.  Last year’s workshops demonstrated that HemiHelp members have an abundance of talent, energy and enthusiasm and we are really excited about getting them on stage!

  • Creative Movement & Music Workshop, for 5 - 16 years, January 2008, Sadler's Well Theatre, London

Located at the studios of Sadler's Wells Theatre, the creative movement workshop was the first of its kind for HemiHelp's members. The sessions, led by education and community dance artist, Louise Klarnett, were aimed at 3 age groups: 5-8; 9-12 and 13-16 years. The stand alone sessions introduced dance and movement through creative tasks and activities, and included a warm up and a cool down and provided a safe space for participants to share what they created during the session with one another, in small groups or partner work.

       'The creative movement was really engaging. My daughter described the movement as really fantastic and would love to do it again.'

'The creative movement was excellent and after an initial reservation in the first part of the session my sons began to express themselves far more than I expected.'

       'My children learnt to use their arms and legs for relaxing movements while enjoying being part of a team.'

 'Watching my child express and explore different parts of his own personality was interesting to watch and actually seeing him attempting a different type of activity/exercise was very rewarding for them I believe.'

        'The session was an active way of relaxing and showed that even doing things one handed can be graceful. My child learnt spatial awareness through moving as a small group, large group and groups with groups.'

'We have learned to play through physio and to rejoice in the beautiful shapes created when a group of children support each other. The holding/linking when the music stopped felt so supportive - a far cry from musical statues. My daughter adored it.'

        'As my daughter can ‘forget’ about her hemi-side, the CM session was good in that it incorporated actions which required her to use both sides of her body. Fun physio!'


'We particularly enjoyed meeting other parents. It’s great to exchange histories with people who know where we’re at. My child loved the movement session, it was bliss for her to move and to connect with kids with movement difficulties - “I’m not only the one”.




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