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Booking form Parents' Conference Cardiff 2013

Perspectives on Living with Hemiplegia

A conference for families with separate workshop sessions for children

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Please detail any relevant conditions (apart from hemiplegia) and any medication your child(ren) may take eg. for epilepsy
Important message
Please note that while all activity leaders are trained and experienced, parents must take responsibility for their child or children at all times when not participating in any activity. HemiHelp cannot accept any liability for loss/ damage or injury when children are outside of supervised sessions. Children aged 4 years and under MUST be accompanied by an adult at all times – adults who are attending the event solely to look after a child will not be charged.
Photos and videos permission
PHOTOGRAPHS / videos may be taken throughout the day of the children taking part in activities. HemiHelp may wish to use these photos for publications such as our magazine or for display on our website
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