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Events are an important part of HemiHelp's work. Find out more about the events we hold for families and professionals, and what's coming up next.

  • Calendar Find out what's coming up on the HemiHelp calendar of events.
  • Family Days HemiHelp runs regular events for families throughout the UK, where they can learn about hemiplegia and meet other parents and young people.
  • Early Years Conference Talks about hemiplegia and parents' discussion groups for those families with a recent diagnosis
  • Conferences for professionals HemiHelp's conferences for professionals attract respected specialists who work with children who have hemiplegia.
  • For young people with hemiplegia workshops and events relevant to young people (e.g. employment workshops)
  • Fundraising events Get active and raise money - take part in a HemiHelp fundraising event.
  • Non-HemiHelp events See the latest event listings from other organisations.

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