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Awareness Week 2016

17th – 21st October 2016

We’re 25 this year so Awareness Week 2016 is going to be one long celebration. We’ve achieved so much together over the years so let’s get together and celebrate. And everyone loves a celebration so let’s raise some money so we can all spend the next 25 years being just as amazing. 

CELEBRATE OUR COMMUNITY:  Anyone can get involved, the more the merrier. This year is all about celebrating the HemiHelp family and there’s plenty of room for everyone. And it’s so easy to get baking.

“Myself and my friend we both have daughters with hemi, so decided to hold a coffee and cake morning at our local cricket club. We have raised £600.”

AT HOME: Why not have your own coffee and cake morning at home? Or, if you are feeling brave, a cake decorating party?

“I raised £102.30by doing a coffee and cake morning at home. I t was a fun way to raise awareness of hemiplegia and the amazing work HemiHelp does.”

AT WORK: Everyone needs to take time out from their busy working day and what better way to do it than over cake. You could even have a competition with a prize for the tastiest treat.

AT SCHOOL: Kids love cake and a cake sale fundraising at school is a great way to raise awareness and understanding as well as money.

“We had a cake sale at school and the support was overwhelming. Our teacher is really keen to repeat it!”

BALLOONS AND TOPPERS: We’ve got all the gear you need to make sure people know you’re part of the HemiHelp community – wristbands, balloons, cake toppers, information about hemiplegia and a poster you can customise.

Order your cake sale pack

RECIPES: We’ll be there to support you with our cake sales pack. It includes everything you need to get your bake sale going. Included in the pack you’ll find recipes and a step by step guide to help you turn your culinary creature into cash.

You can also download the recipe cards here.

AND THERE'S MOREMy HemiCheck, an innovative online hemiplegia ‘checklist’ and summary printout – to hand to key people as needed.  And What is Hemiplegia? A short animated film helping to explain hemiplegia.

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