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HemiHelp produces a digital members' magazine, where you can read other people's experiences of hemiplegia, learn useful hints and tips for doing things one handed and find out about the latest in everything from gadgets to research studies.

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Issue 96 (25th Anniversary edition - Spring 2016) HemiHelp Magazine - Spring 2015




Features include:


  • Where it all started
  • Focus on upper limb splinting
  • Tips for independent living
  • Physiotherapy
  • ... and much, much more

To celebrate our anniversary we’re offering non-members in the UK a free copy of the special anniversary issue of our magazine. All you need to do is fill in this form and we’ll do the rest. 


Issue 95 (Winter 2015) HemiHelp Magazine - Winter 2015




Features include:


  • Getting the right support at school
  • Hemiplegia and autism, part 2
  • Focus on art therapy
  • Para-riding
  • ... and much, much more


Issue 94 (Autumn 2015) HemiHelp Magazine - Autumn 2015




Features include:


  • Finding the right secondary school
  • Hemiplegia and autism
  • Fathers
  • Para-badminton
  • ... and much, much more


Issue 93 (Summer 2015) HemiHelp Magazine - Summer 2015




 Features include:


  • Finding a primary school
  • Hemiplegia in children's literature
  • Para-equestrian dressage
  • Learning to drive
  • ... and much, much more


Issue 92 (Spring 2015) HemiHelp Magazine - Spring 2015




Features include:


  • A day with Josef Craig MBE, Paralympic gold-medallist
  • A closer look at CIMT
  • Help managing fatigue
  • Find out why mentoring is a win-win
  • ... and much, much more



Issue 91 (Winter 2014) HemiHelp Magazine - Winter 2014




Features include:


  • Street dance: 11-year-old discovers new passion
  • Tips for fun and effective exercises
  • Dressing ideas for young people
  • A sister's perspective
  • ... and much, much more



Issue 90 (Autumn 2014) HemiHelp Magazine - Autumn 2014




Features include:


  • Introducing wheelchair basketball
  • Learning to deal with anxiety issues
  • A summary of SEND reforms
  • A personal account of having epilepsy
  • ... and much, much more



Issue 89 (Summer 2014) HemiHelp Magazine - Summer 2014




Features include:


  • The benefits of archery
  • A personal experience of oral placement therapy
  • A parent's experience of watching your child become aware of challenges
  • An adult with hemiplegia reflects on the future of his newborn son
  • ... and much, much more


Issue 88 (Spring 2014) HemiHelp Magazine - Winter 2013




Features include:


  • Useful tips on addressing the effects of dyslexia
  • Local groups for families affected by hemiplegia
  • A piece on mental health issues
  • Driving tips from our Transitions Adviser
  • All about Hemiplegia Awareness Week 2013
  • ... and much, much more


Issue 87 (Winter 2013) HemiHelp Magazine - Winter 2013




Features include:


  • introducing the national orthotics campaign
  • tips on gym and fitness exercises
  • a piece on cranial osteopathy
  • an overview of the care pathway for children with hemiplegia
  • introducing HemiHelp's new mentoring scheme
  • ... and much, much more


Issue 86 (Autumn 2013) HemiHelp magazine - Autumn 2013




Features include:


  • Info on balancing bikes
  • the latest news on benefit changes
  • A personal story about acceptance and disability
  • A piece from Paralympian athlete Bethany Woodward
  • Ideas of physio exercises for young people
  • ... and much, much more


Issue 84 (Spring 2013) HemiHelp magazine - Spring 2013




Features include:


  • Useful tips on one-handed cooking
  • A young adult's insight into secondary school
  • A family's experience of FES
  • Home schooling as an option for education
  • An overview of MRI and the brain
  • ... and much, much more


Issue 83 (Winter 2012) HemiHelp magazine - Winter 2012




Features include:


  • A look at different treatments and therapies
  • Insights on going to university
  • The benefits of riding a tandem bike
  • Some reflections on the Paralympics
  • An overview of speech and language difficulties
  • ... and much, much more


Issue 82 (Autumn 2012) HemiHelp magazine - Autumn 2012




Features include:


  • Useful tips on dealing with bullying
  • A review of the Newcastle Parents and Young Adults Conference
  • Exciting stories from Olympic Torchbearers
  • Insights from an adult with hemiplegia
  • Findings of a study about children with disabilities and their brother or sister
  • ... and much, much more


Issue 81 (Summer 2012) HemiHelp magazine - summer 2012




Features include:


  • All sort of sports including Tae Kwon Do and artistic and rhythmic gymnastics
  • Tips for a good sleep
  • Telling people about hemiplegia from a 14-year-old
  • Tips for adults with hemiplegia that will soon become a parent
  • An interview with Paralympian Sascha Kindred
  • ... and much, much more


Issue 80 (Spring 2012) HemiHelp magazine - spring 2012




Features include:


  • The Hemiplegia Handbook
  • Tips on toilet training 
  • HemiHelp employment workshops 
  • A reflection on local people with disabilities in The Gambia
  • Work placement experience
  • Sailing with Jubilee Sailing Trust 
  • ... and much, much more


Issue 79 (Winter 2011) HemiHelp magazine - autumn 2011




Features include:

  • Developing through play
  • Sport adventures and other challenges
  • 20 years of the magazine
  • Possibilities of hand surgery
  • ... and much, much more


Issue 78 (Autumn 2011) HemiHelp magazine - autumn 2011




Features include:


  • Pictures from HemiHelp and CP Sport's swimming spectacular
  • Introducing our new Transition Programme for young adults
  • A look at internships and volunteering
  • Reflections on visual perceptual issues
  • ... and much, much more


Issue 77 (Spring 2011) HemiHelp magazine - spring 2011




Features include:


  • Getting into ballet
  • A look at Kinesio Taping
  • Knowing when to ask for help
  • A beginners guide to Second Skin splinting
  • Making a difference for disabled students
  • ... and much, much more


Issue 76 (Winter 2010) HemiHelp magazine- winter 2010




Features include:


  • Household hints
  • 'Hands up': an innovative OT course
  • Indoor hobbies
  • An account of orthopaedic surgery
  • Details of new physio DVD
  • ... and much, much more


Issue 75 (Autumn 2010) HemiHelp magazine- autumn 2010




Features include:


  • A look at dyscalculia
  • An introduction to occupational therapy
  • Therapeutic benefits of golf
  • Young HemiHelp members at the BBC
  • Parents experiences of treatment
  • ... and much, much more


Issue 74 (Summer 2010) HemiHelp magazine- summer 2010




Features include:


  • Details of a new 'magical' therapy
  • An introduction to physiotherapy
  • The benefits of riding
  • Preparing for parenthood as an adult with hemi
  • Sleep Solutions' tips for a restful night
  • ... and much, much more


Issue 73 (Spring 2010): New-look issue HemiHelp magazine- spring 2010




Features include:


  • An interview with climber Paul Pritchard
  • One-handed gardening tips
  • The benefits of yoga
  • An introduction to new virtual reality therapy
  • Swimming with hemiplegia for all ages
  • ... and much, much more


Issue 72 (Winter 2009): School and work life  HemiHelp magazine-winter 09




Features include:

  • Personal and professional accounts of hemiplegia at school, college and work
  • Useful school equipment
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • Statementing explained
  • IT for special educational needs
  • ... and much, much more

Issue 71 (Autumn 2009): Treatment and research

hemihelp magazine autumn 09



Features include:

  • A personal account of electrical stimulation therapy
  • The latest alternative therapy from America - Camp Superkids
  • A personal account of Botox
  • An overview of hemiplegia and the latest advancements in treatment and research
  • A personal account of tendon surgery
  • The role of the Occupational Therapist and Physiotherapist in your child's treatment
  • ... and much, much more

Issue 70 (Summer 2009): Hemiplegia around the world  

Summer magazine



Features include:

  • Hemiplegia around the UK (HemiHelp's local groups)
  • Hemiplegia around the world - meet some of HemiHelp's international members
  • HemiHelp's international links - organisations in France and Germany
  • Our latest parents' conference and children's workshop
  • A selection of one-handed hints
  • Our latest drama workshop for children and young people with hemiplegia
  • ... and much, much more

Issue 69 (Spring 2009): Supporting parents and carers

Issue 69 - front cover  



Features include:

  • An interview with Paralympians Sascha Kindred and Nyree Lewis
  • Parents' survey: the findings
  • Stress management for parents and carers
  • Supporting families at home
  • Supporting parents and young people online
  • HemiHelpline
  • The 2009 Children Helping Children concert
  • ... and much more

Issue 68 (Winter 2008): Over 16s

  Features include:

  • Over 16s Issue: Teenagers and adults share their experiences of living with hemiplegia 
  • Summary of the results of HemiHelp's Over 16s survey
  • Meet the Trustees
  • Personal accounts of volunteering, going to university and work experience placements
  • Relationships and parenthood
  • Physiotherapy in adulthood
  • Benefits at age 16+
  • Cambridge Professionals Conference report
  • Englefield Fun Day report 

Issue 67 (Autumn 2008): Children and young people speak out

 Front Cover of HemiHelp Magazine Issue 67Features include:

  • Children and young people living with hemiplegia speak out
  • First hand accounts of school, taking part in activities, having an operation and driving
  • Parents and siblings' perspectives
  • Balance training stabilisers
  • How ballet helped one member's hemiplegia
  • Edinburgh Fun Day report

Issue 66 (Summer 2008): Professionals

Magazine 66 Features include:

  • Professionals: a guide to the people who work with hemiplegia
  • Occupational Therapy (OT) and Special Needs
  • Speech and language therapy
  • Botulinum toxin treatment
  • NEW! First installment of "Samantha's World", a fictional serial about a woman with hemiplegia

Issue 65 (Spring 2008): One Handed Hints

Newsletter 65 Features include:

  • One Handed Hints (tips on using shopping trolleys and carrier bags, skipping and bathing)
  • Educational issues for children with hemiplegia
  • Sources of support: home visiting services, helpline, Local Groups
  • Should you tell a potential employer about your disability?
  • Recipe for success: tips on one handed cooking

Issue 64 (Winter 2007): Complementary therapies

Newsletter 64 Features include:

  • The Bowen Technique
  • Cranial Osteopathy
  • Craniosacral Therapy
  • Yoga for children with hemiplegia
  • The Feldenkrais Method
  • One Handed Hints

Issue 63 (Autumn 2007): Grants and benefits

Newsletter 63 Features include:

  • How will I cope financially? A guide to disability benefits by the Director of the Special Needs Information Point
  • Could you be eligible for a Family Fund grant?
  • Edinburgh Conference for Parents - a write-up on the conference with details on research into hemiplegia and handedness, and being a parent of a child with additional support needs
  • Introducing Charlotte - our new, 16-year-old columnist

Issue 62 (Summer 2007): Music

Newsletter 62 Features include:

  • HemiHelp Music Workshops: hemiplegia, harmony and a haunted house!
  • Children Helping Children - photos from February's fantastic fundraising concert
  • Helping children to reach their potential - a feature on Musical Keys, a Norfolk charity offering musical activities to children with special needs
  • Jake's a superhero! - a profile of Jake Waby, a young musician who has right hemiplegia
  • "It may not be as fast, but my rhythm is just as good" - a young woman with hemiplegia talks about how music has become a passion in her life.

Issue 61 (Spring 2007): Holidays

Newsletter 61 Features include:

  • Holidaying with hemiplegia
  • Getting off to a flying start: tips for a good flight
  • Travel insurance - what to look for
  • Special educational needs and statementing
  • Occupational therapy
  • Happy campers: going to the Reading Festival as a disabled ticket holder

Read Achieving independence: Occupational therapy for children with hemiplegia, an article from Issue 61

Issue 60 (Winter 2006): Behaviour

Newsletter 60

Features include:

  • The stresses that can't be seen: Dr Ian Frampton talks about why children with hemiplegia often have behaviour problems
  • Update on Glasgow conference for professionals
  • Review of Crawley conference for parents
  • Letter from America: The first column in a regular series of dispatches from the USA.
  • It's not the end of the world: a 23-year-old gives her perspective on the frustrations of growing up with hemiplegia.

Read The stresses that can't be seen, an article from Issue 60.

Issue 59 (Autumn 2006): Transition

Newsletter 59

Features include:

  • How children are supported through the many stages of education
  • One student's mixed experience of support in further and higher education
  • 'The stroke that changed my life'
  • Learning to balance and ride a bike

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