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Facts and figures

Find out all you need to know about HemiHelp! This section contains facts and figures from the HemiHelp Annual Report.

Our details

HemiHelp is a registered charity, number 1085349.
HemiHelp is also a company limited by guarantee and registered in England and Wales, reg. no. 4156922.

Our Head Office is at 6 Market Road, London, United Kingdom, N7 9PW.

What HemiHelp does

Hemiplegia is a neurological condition that weakens one side of the body. Around one child in every thousand in the UK is affected by hemiplegia. Children with hemiplegia commonly need extra help if they are to compete successfully in the able-bodied world.

HemiHelp transforms the lives of families living with hemiplegia by providing them with support, one-to-one advice, events for children and parents, and specialist literature.

Aims and objectives

HemiHelp's strategic aim is to reach every child and family affected by hemiplegia in the British Isles - around 14,000 children. We estimate that we are currently in contact with about a quarter of these families. Locating these families is a key challenge.

Regional variations in membership present a clear picture, ranging from 41% in London and the South East to just 4% each in Scotland and Wales. Therefore we have set ourselves the goal of increasing contact with children and families living with hemiplegia in all areas of the British Isles by the end of 2007.

HemiHelp will strive to be in contact with at least 75% of families living with hemiplegia, in all areas of the country, by the end of this decade.

Where our members live

Breakdown of members by region
Region Percentage
East Anglia 5%
Eire 1%
Midlands 14%
North East and West 17%
Northern Ireland 3%
Scotland 4%
South East 41%
South West 9%
Wales 4%
Overseas 2%

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