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Try It Day London 2013

Try It Day

In June, over 110 people, that is 35 families, travelled to London’s Allianz Park for a day of fun and activities.

Try It Day

The huge indoor sports hall housed children strutting their stuff, waving their pom poms during the cheerleading session (I was dying to join in, but I decided not to embarrass the children!)

Next was a taster session of magic therapy provided by Breathe Magic. The children mastered two specially adapted magic tricks scaled to improve their motor skills. So while they had a magical experience, they were also having a physio session – clever stuff!

Cookery followed, where the children learnt some great kitchen techniques to make a delicious Greek salad. HemiHelp staff applauded their healthy choices whilst munching syrupy flapjacks from the café! Badminton was a HUGE hit. Daniel Bethell and Dan Lee (who both have hemiplegia) from the England Parabadminton squad played a short demo match, followed by a knock about session which was so popular. Dan eventually went home three and a half hours later than planned!

Try It Day

A HemiHelp event without glitter is not an option so arts and crafts ran throughout the day and Lemon Tree Arts provided a music corner where children were introduced to the delights of everything, from the trumpet to the hose pipe horn.

Even the shyest children couldn’t resist joining in such fun, and there was a sandpit next to them, so the parents had somewhere to play too!

The outdoor action included dodgeball, tag rugby, football and athletics - judging by the sweaty smiling faces, each sport was super fun.

So, if you’ve never been to one of our “Try It” days, then make sure you come to the next one where children and their siblings get to have fun TOGETHER, and the motto for the day is “you won’t know if you like it unless you TRY IT!”

Try It Day

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