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Newcastle Try It Day

Try It Day

Saturday 1st February was probably one of the wettest, windiest, miserable looking days this winter, where all you wanted to do was sit indoors watching TV and eating more chocolate than is possibly good for you. That’s unless you were going to the HemiHelp Try It Day in Newcastle! 16 of the most determined families braced themselves to travel through the wind, sleet, rain and gloom for a day full of fun activities to try.

The Kenton Park Sports Centre was the place to be and the staff were as welcoming as the delicious hot soup, cheesy jacket potatoes and cakes that were on offer from the on-site café.

Activities included badminton for beginners and dodgeball for the more active; a brand new soft play area for the babies and toddlers; and a fabulously messy arts and crafts session put on by the local Sure Start Team.

Try It Day

Next was karate, with the kids learning some basic techniques to get a taster of a sport that is fantastic for children with hemiplegia, in that it builds up core strength and helps with balance and co-ordination.

Trampolining was possibly the most popular sport of the day…that is once we were able to drag HemiHelp volunteer Rachel Haine away! Rachel has hemiplegia and used to trampoline as a hobby. Wild horses couldn’t stop her from leaping about to show the kids a remembered trick or two!

The day ended with a roller disco for the brave and a bouncy castle bigger than Wembley Stadium – We don’t know who enjoyed it more, the children or the parents!

It was a really well organised and fun day, which myself, my son and my mum enjoyed immensely. My little boy asked the next morning if we could attend the fun day again!

Try It Day        Try It Day

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