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Hemiplegia infographics

Do you have hemiplegia, but don't want to keep explaining? If you or your family member has hemiplegia, we know it takes energy and time to clarify or remind others about the condition.

Are you curious about Hemiplegia, but don't know what to ask? If you know someone with hemiplegia, we understand you may be hesitant about asking questions.

HemiHelp's Infographics can help! We want to save everyone energy and time – so we’ve asked (and answered) the questions for you. We’re offering a series of questions and answers about hemiplegia - as visual infographics.

How can you use the Hemiplegia Infographics?

  • Print out for school or workplace presentations
  • Print out for awareness events
  • Save any image to email, or share on Twitter or Facebook

Just right-click the image you want download, select 'save target as...', save to your computer, share, or print.  



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