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Join our Teddy Hunt!

HemiHelp Teddy Bear holding a sign saying Find us!June 2007

*** Entries are no longer being accepted for the Teddy Hunt competition, but you can still try it out just for fun! ***

We've been really careless and lost ten HemiHelp teddies somewhere on this website. Can you help us to find them?

Here's what you need to do:

  1. Crack our ten clues by following the links below, to find the ten HemiHelp teddies.
  2. Each teddy will be holding a word or phrase. Add each word or phrase in the form below.
  3. Make sure you've filled in a word or phrase for each teddy, and submit the form. The teddies will have a message for you!
Teddy Hunt clues
Please read the clues below to get an idea of where the teddies might be. When you find a teddy, fill in the word it gives you. When you submit the form, the teddies' message will be revealed!

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