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Get One Handed Hints in HemiHelp's Spring Newsletter

14 April 2008

HemiHelp's Spring Newsletter, out now, is bursting with hints and tips for carrying out everyday activities with hemiplegia.

Featuring a bumper-length One Handed Hints column by veteran HemiHelp columnist Kate Naish, the newsletter contains all sorts of solutions - from getting in and out of the bath to controlling a shopping trolley! This issue also boasts information on loads of different sources of support - from HemiHelp's helpline and educational enquiry service, to home visiting and befriending schemes and Local Groups. With a focus on young adults, it also has articles on telling a potential employer that you have a disability, raising awareness of hemiplegia, and cooking tips.

HemiHelp members should now have received their Newsletter, but if you're not a member it's well worth joining so that you can read all of the fantastic news, features, information and updates that it contains.

To receive the newsletter, all you have to do is fill in our online form to join HemiHelp online. Join HemiHelp today >>

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