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Creating one-handed musical instruments

See below for information on the OHMI Project and find out how to get involved.

There is presently no orchestral musical instrument than can be played with one hand. As a result hundreds of thousands of people with disabilities in the UK, and millions across the world, are excluded from music making. We want to invent new instruments to open full and undifferentiated participation in musical life; whether at school, in the home, or in a professional ensemble. Our success will have a profound impact not just on individuals but on society's relationship with disability, opening new realms of achievement and possibility.

Project Partners

The Digital Exploration Centre, working with HemiHelp, Ars Electronica, and the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, is challenging technologists, inventors, instrument makers, and anyone else who would like to have a go, to design and build one-handed instruments that can emulate any of those used in the classical orchestra. The best will be awarded the world's most prestigious prize for creative technology, the Prix Ars Electronica.

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